Visit to the home of romance-Italy

Visit to the home of romance-Italy

The enchanting atmosphere will be the perfect place for the newlyweds to get into their lovely wedding life. So most couples search for the romantic sites while they are planning for their honeymoon. Such couples can choose Italy as their honeymoon destination, which is called as the home of romance. Seductive Tuscan vineyards, white sandy Sardinia, magnificent lakes, amazing architecture of the old cities welcomes you to Italy for your amusing honeymoon.

Before exploring the beauty of Italy, I would like to give answers for your question. Why you should plan for the trip to Italy?

  1. The incredible scenery at every area of the Italy- Click the beauty of the Italy with your love to keep at as the memories in your camera.
  2. Italians are friendly and charming- The welcoming nature of Italian people wherever you go will keep you relax and they will make your trip more easy.
  3. Italy is the home for romance- One of the best place for honeymoon, each and every place have the feel of romance which cannot be felt in other cities.
  4. Lot of endless things to do- Before arriving to Italy go with the preplanned schedule because you may not have enough time to explore the complete beauty.
  5. Most famous Gondola ride in the Venice is one major attraction must do.

Got the reason why Italy is such a best destination to visit for your honeymoon. If yes know some best spots for romance in Italy to make your honeymoon special.

Best Honeymoon destinations in Italy


Rome, all may have heard Rome as one of the best romantic cities in Italy. I would like to add some more information about Rome which adds more flavor to romantic city Rome.

Trevi Fountain– Throw a coin to the fountain and wish for your love, and it is the best place to have a kiss under the moonlight with your love.

Spanish Steps– By holding your wife’s hand walk through the steps to reach the top which will be wonderful place to relax and to have a breathtaking view of the eternal city.

Ponte Milvio– Go to the walk to ‘Love Locks’ bridge where you can attach the lock on the bridge as the token of love and throw to key to reinforce your love into the Tevere.

Le Paregola– Go for the romantic dinner at this 3 star restaurant and have best dining experience along with the beautiful view of whole Rome.


Are you looking for the ideal location in Italy then Sicily is the best place for perfect romance. Sicily is full of historic sites, beaches, Islands for couples to spend their time.

Things to do in Sicily:

  • Explore the beauty of volcanic mountain (Mount Etna). Best way to reach the top is taking a rent car or by reaching through a cable car
  • Walk on the beach side of San Vito lo Capo.
  • Go to the historic Valley of the Temples in Sicily
  • Must visit Monreale Duomo, the most famous Cathedral located outside of Palermo
  • Go for surfing, and beach games in Mondello Lido beach one of the best place in Sicily
  • Wonder the architect work of Segesta Temple.


It is place which inspires you with its valleys, lush greeneries, olive groves and vineyards. Spend the valuable time with your love in the mid of natural sceneries. The places in Tuscany best describe the art and architecture skills of the Italian people.

May, September and October is the best time for couples to visit Tuscany.

Things to be done in Tuscany:

  • Visit Siena, the hotbed of the art which is the perfect place for daydreaming. The stony cathedrals, stone palaces, hilly regions are the major attractions in Siena.
  • Dont forget to visit the oldest 12th century Romanesque church and art galleries at San Gimignano. It is famous for its beautiful tower buildings
  • Pisa famous for its leaning tower, dont miss to visit this place
  • Visit Cortona which is famous for its steep streets, museums, antique shops, churches.


Visiting Venice is the dream of many youngsters mostly girls. So if you love to surprise your wife plan a visit to Venice in Italy. It is water centric wonderland where the houses float on the water. Visit Venice during April to June and September to November.

Interesting things to be done in Venice:

  • Go for a one hour long gondola ride to explore the Venetian Canals.
  • Travel by vaporetto to see the great canals of Venice.
  • Gondolier’s hat is one of the famous things in Venice which you can purchase at a superb market place Ponte di Rialto
  • Take away a day trip in vaporetto to visit Murano- place where Venice glass is found, Burano famous for houses which appears in various candy colors, Torcello- best picnic spots and have plenty of older churches.
  • Don’t forget to taste the Italian cuisine in Venice
  • Travel in the boat in the water which lies between the houses

Amalfi Coast 

Amlfi coast is full of natural attractions with the rugged mountains at the back and the bright blue colored sea in the front, where the houses are located at the hilly regions. The stunning Amalfi coast has the breathtaking coastline and the Pastel colored villages from which you can view the sea.

Things to do in the Coast:

  • View the historic homes from the terrace of the town homes.
  • Explore the beauty of the sea using the colorful boats which longue in the harbors.
  • Go around the olive trees, lemon groves, sandy beaches, native flowers with your love by holding her hands.
  • Enjoy the fun of water sports in the beaches of Amalfi Coast.

These are some famous spots for honeymoon, and there are many other such wonderful places to visit. So Italy will be your dream place to visit in your life to celebrate your unforgettable occasion of your life.

Here are some honeymoon packages to Italy

  • Honeymoon package to Rome and Amalfi coast
  • Package to know the taste of Rome are some best packages which are available at most economical price.
  • Treasures of Italy tour- Package to visit Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano
  • Honeymoon in Lake Como, Amalfi Coast and Sicily
  • Select which package suits you, the above given packages are mostly selected by the honeymooners.

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