How to travel with paper map

An avid traveler always looks for a paper map before planning for a trip to foreign countries. They consider the paper map as a key to get around the city. It gives the big picture of your trip. Geographic principles are the base for the creation of paper map which is first established by Claudius Ptolemy.

Professional explorers meticulously plan trip to different regions using the folded map which works well by showing the starting point and the way they have to move on. The paper map shows the visual path about the names of the neighborhood, major streets and the directions in which they run.

Planning for multi-day road trips

Google maps works well for short trips, but a traditional paper map is so much easier to spread out on the table and study with fellow travelers. Looking into a paper map gives you the feeling there is so much to see in the world, so much to explore and so much to do. Technology may fail in case of long trip as you are going to travel around bushes, mountains and several attractive areas which don’t have network coverage. I such case paper map will be a right backup that will pay dividends when you are on the track.

Passionate traveler

Paper map is a portal into another world is the view about the paper map among avid travelers. A paper map does not have a poor connection, does not die due to drain out of battery, it acts as a great conversation starter with the local around the city you are. One will really enjoy the travel with the paper map and it gives a great adventure for an inspiring traveler.

Route Planning

When you are further into travel planning and have pulled out your destination, a map will lend a hand to decide the journey you want to take through it. This stage is even more rewarding if you have a paper map and can physically traces your finger across it, marking with a pen your chosen itinerary and imagining every stop along the way.


Create a best route using the paper map and it will help out you to keep on organized and can keep a picture of the journey in your mind.

Using the paper map to decide the place where to travel is an amazing way to discover new lands.



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