Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Travelling around the world is everyone’s dream. We Sarthak Tours and Travels make the dream possible for you with complete support from take off to return safely. Here we will provide you ideas about the most attractive tourist places to easily plan your trip. Today let me share few interesting things about Hong Kong which will be useful for you to decide whether it is the right place to spend. The place is full of people, shopping malls, hiking spots, harbor and much more.

About Hong Kong

It is the territory situated in Southeastern china. The city is full of people and is the major port and global financial hub. Hong Kong is the place with different personalities like Cantonese Chinese and former British Colonization. It is the city which glows in luxury and one of the most famous places for shopping. Impressive skyline attracts some tourists and some others are drawn towards this place for its history and culture.

Why Hong Kong?

You may thing whether it is worth to invest your money and spend your precious time in Hong Kong. Let me present some valid reasons.

Cultural landscape– You can see the diversity in culture here; it has people with different cultures like Cantonese, British, Mandarin, Hakka, Fujian and Shanghainese.

Yummy cuisine– Some may have the aim of tasting every kind of delicious foods and if you are expecting such thing during your journey then Hong Kong is there for satisfying your wish. It is the world of exquisite, mouth-watering international dining. The local dim sum and sea foods are the best things to try.

Perfect place for families, friends and couples– Some place only have places for couples which will give boar feeling to families, but Hong Kong is the destination which everyone can enjoy. It has fantastic place for friends to have fun, family to feel the relaxation and much more.

Nightlife, Festivals and fun– It is the city with festivals every year where you can experience the beauty of famous lion and dragon dances, carnivals and parades, etc. The city glows wonderfully at the night which can be viewed by taking a night cruise at Victoria Harbor.

Top Sights of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland 

Hong Kong Disneyland 
Hong Kong Disneyland

It is the theme park which let the family to enjoy lot. It is located on the land in Penny’s Bay owned by Hong Kong International theme parks. It has nearly seven areas which are highlighted with different themes. The areas are Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventure land, Tomorrow land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story land.

Victoria Peak

If you have not enjoyed viewing the city by taking a skyline from Victoria Peak, then you have not really enjoyed the beauty of Hong Kong. Ride to the top to view the beauty of stunning islands, marvelous city, skyscrapers, etc. Spend you evening in the park of the Victoria which is covered with greenery lush and this will give you mind blowing relaxation. The sky terrace will give you the panoramic view of the city.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

It is one of two largest theme parks in Hong Kong which is located in Wong Chuck Hang. It is the marine mammal park with oceanarium, amusement park to have fun ad animal theme to wonder the varieties of animals. It telecast the culture show where various cultural dances, songs will be played. It is has the ocean theatre where musicians will attract you through their singings and it has the fantastic “Headland Rides” to have adventure and thrilling experience.

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

One should not miss to admire the work of 34 meter height Big Buddha statue sit at the top of Po Lin Monastery Island and it took 12 years to complete the work of statue.

A walled village

It is the place which is 500 years old. Hong Kong has several walled village which showcase the history of the place. It looks amazing as it is a rectangular shaped building with blue bricks. You will see the defensive walls, traditionally dressed villagers, and numerous halls which give the look of palace.

Wong Tai Sin and Man Mo Temple

It is one of the famous temples in Hong Kong which is built in order to honor the Taoist god Wong Tai Sin; the people worship this god as the bringer of good luck and healer of illness. It was newly replaced in 1968 which has 3 major buildings which include the Hall of Three Saints, the Good Wish Garden and the hall which is presented to Confucius and his disciples.

Travelling will definitely makes you tired, and if you feel to take a peaceful break then visit the Man Mo temple which is dedicated to God of War and literature. It is one of the oldest temples which show the ancient heritage.

When to visit?

If you wish to plan for the trip to Hong Kong then before fixing the time period for journey know the perfect duration to have fun. If you are visiting Hong Kong during festivals then it will add extra fun to your trip. January and February is the time when Chinese New Year is being celebrated, Hong Kong International film festival is during March- April. June is the month when Dragon Boat Festival is being celebrated. Visit accordingly and have fun with your family or friends.

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